About Us

Welcome to J.G Electrick Services

We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as the authorized service centre for Kirloskar Electric Co.Ltd., Siemens and Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., For Alternators, AC Motors, DC Motors and Transformers.

We have been rewinding /servicing of Alternator main rotor winding for Brushless alternator, Stator and rotor Bar windings/servicing all type of Alternators, AC/DC Motors, AC/DC Servo motors, Tacho-Generators and transformers, wind mill Generators for paper mills, spinning Mills, Rubber factories, chemical factories at Madurai region, sine1996.

We always use high quality Copper & insulation materials,and we have all windings testing facilities,Rotor Dynamic Balancing, lathe works and mechanical works in our service center with guaranteed too.

All Spares Available

Supplying spares of AC/DC motor & alternator like AVRs, Diode, Surge Suppressor, Bearings, End Shield, Slip rings units, Carbon holders, Carbon Brushes etc., are available with us.

Quality of Rewinding

We always use high quality of class “F” and Class “H” insulation, single or dual coated enameled copper wire/ enameled copper strip /insulation materials and high quality class “F”/ Class “H” varnishing/ epoxy gel coating for rewinding with regard to the rating of the Motors/Alternators and DC motors etc., when a quality wire/ copper strip/ insulation materials is used it increases the life and the efficiency of Motors/Alternators and DC motors etc.,.

Testing of Windings

Windings should be tested to ensure that there are no grounds, short circuits, Open circuits, incorrect connection or high resistance connections. The following test are to be performed by Resistance meter, megger , clamp meter etc., Insulation resistance test, winding resistance test, surge comparison test, High Voltage 2 kV test ,megger test , Higher Amp, low volt Drop test, polarization test and Stator Core pack Hot spot test.